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Another satisfied customer

Jim Burger and I ran into former colleague and old friend Fred Rasmussen (and several beers) at Grand Cru this weekend. He looks to be enjoying the book. Advertisements

Sailing Heavy Seas on Saturday

Looks like this weekend will be devoted to beer-making. Saturday I will be at Clipper City taking tours and watching their crew make Heavy Seas brews. Sunday afternon at H. L. Mencken’ s House, I’ll be talking about H. L.’s home brews, as well as signing books.

What Baltimore shares with its beer

I just had a lively interview with Mary Beth Marsden for her 2 p.m.- 6 p.m. radio show Maryland’s News Now With Mary Beth Marsden on WBAL Radio 1090 AM. We talked about how elements of the city’s character–what makes Baltimore, Baltimore–are reflected in the story of the city’s breweries. For instance, family is big in this … Continue reading

A question for thirsty beer scholars

Thanks for the warm welcome from all the folks following on Twitter and Facebook. In addition to Fred Rasmussen’s kind words in Sunday’s Baltimore Sun about our book “Baltimore Beer: A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing,” we also got a shout out from Midnight Sun. Have to buy those boys some cold ones. Believing that … Continue reading

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Never Looked So Good

Like a proud dad beaming at a newborn, I find myself staring at  the cover of “Baltimore Beer.” A nighttime shot of the Inner Harbor, a signature Baltimore scene, captures the soft glow of lights from nearby buildings. In the foreground is a tall, rich, tempting pint.  Baltimore and beer look mighty inviting. I had little to do with this creation. … Continue reading