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Rob Kasper describes a cherished local industry that rose before Baltimore’s streets were paved in the 18th century, that flourished with the influx of German immigrants in the mid-19th and that came perilously close to vanishing forever in the late 20th. But “Baltimore Beer: A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing” by the longtime Baltimore Sun feature writer, is more than just an account of the fortunes of the city’s masters of using malt, water, hops and grain to create an ethereal buzz.

Doug Birch, Baltimore Brew

Rob Kasper…has captured the memories, and a whole lot of hope for the future of Baltimore brewing, in “Baltimore Beer: A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing.” It’s fresh and hoppy in bookstores, and Kasper is lining up book signing parties. The book, which took ten years, off and on, to research and write, is entertaining and complete, but not dauntingly exhaustive. It’s a quick and happy weekend read best enjoyed with one or three of those newfangled local craft beers at hand.

Jacqueline Watts, The Baltimore Guide

It was enjoyable reading about how ad genius Herb Fried, of W.B. Doner, and Brod Doner came to settle on the “Land of Pleasant Living” slogan in the 1950s. Once a beer ad, it has become a slogan that describes life in Maryland…I also enjoyed the beer and food chapter, which resurrected recipes that can be made with Baltimore brews.

Fred Rasmussen, The Baltimore Sun

He retells the story in a highly read­able fash­ion, but Beer excels most as a guide to the here, now, and soon-to-be, pro­vid­ing a com­pre­hen­sive sur­vey of the cur­rent scene that will help read­ers learn where to sate their thirst for local suds.

Van Smith, Baltimore City Paper

Media Mentions

Rob recently penned a piece for the Baltimore Sun titled Beer, baseball and Baltimore. He recounts the story of how beer brought the Orioles to Baltimore.

Mary Beth Marsden of WBAL talked with Rob about the release of the book, the local craft beer scene and the changing beer industry and market. [AUDIO]

Alexander Mitchell of Beer in Baltimore talks about the wealth of books on Baltimore beer, specifically mentioning “Baltimore Beer” and Rob’s book signing at Pratt Street Alehouse.

Brian Lawrence of Baltimore Style Magazine stopped by the Book Release Party on May 10 and blogged about the event.’s Jessica Lemmo previews Rob’s book event at Donna’s Cross Keys.



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