The beer in “Beasts of the Southern Wild “

I saw “Beasts of the Southern Wild ” yesterday, Ben Zeitlin’s magical-realism movie about  denizens of “The Bathtub” a watery world located downriver from New Orleans.  Fascinating cinematography ,the plot was somewhat shaky. Loved the scene in which the dad , Wink, teaches his daughter, Hushpuppy,  how to “noodle” that is catch catfish by hand.  Bathtubbers are all about self sufficiency . I did notice that the denizens drink a lot of beer, Miller High Life by my reckoning.  My question is how did the beer get to this hard- to- reach watery locale? Did the Miller High Life man, Wendell Middlebrooks, abandon his truck and use Wink’s makeshift craft,  a boat fashioned from a truck bed?



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