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Bel Air folks love their beer , now headed to Gertrude’s

Those folks in Bel Air love their beer. Despite a nasty rain Saturday afternoon  they showed up at DuClaw in Bel Air to sample some brews , have some lunch and talk about Baltimore breweries. One fellow even brought a bottle  from  the long defunct Darley Park Brewery ( North Ave and Harford Road where … Continue reading

Wishing for better beer at Artscape

I am regular at Artscape. which celebrates the work of local artists.Why I wonder does this festival  fail to celebrate local beer. A few years ago Clipper City, as it was then called, was poured there. But now it is all  Miller/Coors. To get a good local beer you have to hike  down Charles Street … Continue reading

The beer in “Beasts of the Southern Wild “

I saw “Beasts of the Southern Wild ” yesterday, Ben Zeitlin’s magical-realism movie about  denizens of “The Bathtub” a watery world located downriver from New Orleans.  Fascinating cinematography ,the plot was somewhat shaky. Loved the scene in which the dad , Wink, teaches his daughter, Hushpuppy,  how to “noodle” that is catch catfish by hand.  Bathtubbers are all about … Continue reading

Beer in Bel Air

Saturday afternoon I am heading up to Bel Air to sign books and sip brew at DuClaw Brewing Company ,. Here is the link . Sure hope Bel Air, as in good air, lives up to its name. We could use some sweet breezes.

Monday at the movies

Tonight come see Mr. Boh’s. Brewery, the documentary about the  National Brewing Company  made by Alex Castro , Harry Connelly, and Lyle Hein  at the Charles Theatre , Thanks to  Pat Karzai and the Tapas Teatro crew there will  brews and snacks as well.  Sipping and munching starts at 6 p.m in Tapas, some book … Continue reading

Bookstore + beer = cooling center

Friday evening July 6 there will cold beer, warm pizza and air conditioning for  a Baltimore Beer book signing 6-9 p.m  at Constellation Books, 303 Main St. in Reisterstown.  For folks who still don’t have electricity this might provide a few hours of  cold comfort.